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Partialism, partial to a bit of…..

What parts are you partial to? Partialism is sexual interest with an exclusive focus on a specific part of the body other than the genitals.

Well, where to start? Slave Bobbie likes legs.  But, only when they’re inside boots. So, that doesn’t count.

Feet are an obvious choice

In fact, partialism breaks down into many subcategories. Ever thought about maschalagnia? That’s armpit fetish to you and me. slave Bobbie is wondering just how you go about gratifying that particular desire. It’s obvious maybe. Do they require shaving first though? Maybe not. Many consider an unshaved armpit to be a stand-in for a vagina.

This consummation, if that’s the right word is known as axillism. Additionally, you can almost understand how a man might enjoy this type of gratification. However, what’s in it for the woman?

This kind of fetish can be extended in different directions. How about a yen for the inside of a bent elbow? Or back of the knee?

Ever heard of mazophilia? The attractions of the famous soapy tit wank (masturbating into a woman’s cleavage) are well attested. Luckily, many Escorts offer this as part of their repertoire.

Breast fetishism is a massive topic in its own right. I shall return to this later.

Palm Sundays

It’s easy to understand how a man can become addicted to sexual gratification achieved via the palm of someone’s hand. An adolescent love-affair that lasts a lifetime. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, there is not a medical name for this. It’s just called ‘hand fetish’.

But for a real anatomical challenge try alvinophilia. This is the name given to a fetish for the belly-button.

Trichophilia (hair fetish) is also widely recognized. Slave Bobbie suspects that it’s also the reason that some cultures insist that women keep their hair covered.

Which body parts are you drawn to? Let us know.

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