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Priestess Ava, An American Mistress

priestess ava

Priestess Ava - American Mistress

I embrace BDSM as means of self-expression and a kind of play therapy for adults.

Fully expressed, more alive

Beyond the obvious acronym, for me, it means creativity, spiritual liberation and joyful play. Kink is one of the most fun and artistic ways to work through our traumas and insecurities. It is also a return to the pure joy of uninhibited play–something, which many humans, unfortunately, don’t experience much beyond childhood. By trying on different roles, concocting amazing scenes, and experimenting with power dynamics and an endless array of sensations, we are becoming better people–more whole, more fully expressed, more alive.

As I progress through life I’ve learned that there are certain things that appeal to me and enhance my existence – and some things that don’t.

The priestess

First of all, to NEVER be called Mistress. I prefer Priestess. I’ve earned this title, and I expect people to respect it. So many things make me happy…a thoughtfully worded introduction, a vulnerable authentic share, a tiny locked up clitty, dressing you in red velvet panties and a black dress, devoted domestic service, frequent tributes, a hungry cumslut, a devoted Goddess worshiper, psychedelic rituals, and witchy sh*t in general.

The real deal

I am Priestess Ava – the real deal. I would say that I am a truly advanced spiritual/sexual Priestess. I’ve studied both classical and neo-Tantra for over ten years. I’ve been immersed in polyamory and kink for the majority of that time as well. I truly care about my clients, subs and seekers. I’m a sensual Mommy Domme and a High Priestess with a cruel and sadistic streak and a strong spiritual side.

Loving to dive deep into a sub’s psyche and figure out what kinks and fetishes are really driving them underneath it all. I’m also on a mission to eradicate sexual shame from the planet and wish for everyone to feel empowered and at ease in their unique sexual expression (even if I have to shame and humiliate you to get you there).

Priestess Ava’s attire

I enjoy being seen in a variety of different outfits – black can be fun from time to time. I do get a kick out of wearing latex, but my most favourite attire is to be adorned in burgundy velvet and gold jewellery.

Getting it right

You will find that I am different. The world is full of many phenomenal mistresses. But what sets me apart is my devotion to “getting it right,” meaning that I employ a holistic approach that leaves all of my seekers better than I found them. (In a previous life, I was a high school teacher and a life coach). I also particularly get off on providing “first-time” experiences to people and thus have a wide range of kinks and fetishes I indulge. Honestly, the more absurd and bizarre, the better.

Truth full turn on’s

I’m also open and truthful about my turn-on’s, and at the top of that list is erotically encouraged bi scenes. Furthermore, I feel like my unique take on sissification is starting to gain traction. I believe in spiritual feminization. I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the sissy soul, and I want to guide sissies into being powerful Priestesses, not silly caricatures of women.

I am a shrewd judge of what makes a great session and so a great session to me is when all participants leave feeling happy, proud of themselves, respected and appreciated for their unique sexual expression.

Life is change

I have a firm belief that life is change and so I change with it ! I have just relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, to be exact), so that is very exciting! ( I will still travel to San Diego, Nashville, Austin, and Denver at least once a year.) I’ve just launched over 30 erotic audio products (on and I’ve also started a fan club on AVN Stars. I love that I now offer phone, video and in-person sessions. I find it super helpful to get to know a sub online before having an in-person session. 

People who wish to contact me should know that certain stuff is not tolerated. For example:

Calling me Mistress, or forgetting your place, which is so very far beneath mine. I also detest inconsistency, flakes, and wannabe subs who ask for ownership on day one. That shit is earned.

I have a number of ways of dealing with disobedience, but it absolutely depends on the sub.

Rewards and punishment

If a sub loved spankings, that wouldn’t make an excellent punishment, now would it? Also, I tend to favor reward models, as I find them more effective if true behavior modification is the goal. Everything I do is targeted to an individual’s specific sexual psyche, there is no “usual.” There is just me and you in a room with the truth.

Getting in touch with priestess Ava

If a sub is thinking of getting in touch for the first time, I would say that initial contact is always an uncertain process – for both parties. This is how it usually works. They could expect to meet me at a well-appointed dungeon or temple. They could expect to feel safe and respected as we get to know each other. They could expect to have their mind blown with the quick, improvisational nature of my creative kinky mind, and the perfect curves of my body. 

Reach out to me and make contact. You won’t regret it.

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