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Rubber Mistress

rubber mistress

Rubber mistress fetish how did it all start?

Thank you to the London Rubber Mistress Annabel or allowing us to use her image.

According to the website quora, rubber fetish didn’t exist before 1824 when it was invented in Glasgow by Charles macintosh. Along with the eponymous rubber “mac”, he also invented a “k” to go into his name, hence Mackintosh.

Mac for a rubber mistress

Remember that the seminal work on fetishism by Leopold Sacher-Masoch was entitled “Venus In Furs”. After Mackintosh’s invention, rubber slowly began to replace the role of silk and fur in fetishists’ dreams. And no wonder – as quoted in quartz, an online website magazine that has detailed the current affinity that supermodels have for latex clothing – for a fetishist, rubber garments can become an object of hyper-sexualised worship.

Those who have been in a session with a rubber mistress-clad Domme will attest to the enhancement the garment lends to the visual aura that they want to project.

Getting in to rubber

One of the advantages of rubber over fur and silk was that it could be manufactured by machine, and with the arrival of the industrial age, more cheaply.

Your rubber mistress has to be set against the dis-advantages. The difficulty in putting on the garment, particularly if it’s a clingy, all-enveloping catsuit. This requires liberal use of talcum powder to facilitate dressing up. Once on, a rubber suit should be polished with a special lubricant to show it off at its shiny best.

Websites such as breathless and regulation offer retail products for the serious fetishist.

Since that epic day in 1824, rubber has spawned a massive sub-culture of fetishism, with the 1950s possibly being a golden age for fetishists who like to get their fix from the print media.

Rubber mistress fetish: old school publications

Publications such as Atomage – the link will take you to an appreciation site – the magazine stopped publishing in the 1980s.

Also Shiny International magazine – which can still be purchased through Amazon

Connoisseurs of the scene will know of Helen Henley – a model of not so tender years who was unafraid to appear in rubber clothing while showing her face. Click here to pick up one of her books on Amazon.

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