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Santaphilia, turned on by Father Christmas

Santaphilia, commonly referred to as “Santa fetish”

This particular unusual fetish gives a whole new perspective on the relatively PG-rated idea of Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

This fetish is commonly referred to as “Santa fetish” even though it is 100% real, it hasn’t been given an official philia suffix as yet.

Santas sexual stimulation

The sexual stimulation of the Santaphile can be instigated by various manifestations of what we associate and understand about the fictional character which we, in the Christian nation have been led to believe is a jolly, caring and generous father figure who lives in the north pole.

Sliding down our chimneys on Christmas Eve or using his magic key to enter our homes to deliver longed for gifts.

Nibbling on a mince pie for Cookie, taking a sip of milk or something a little stronger, in some cases. And, zooming onto one property after the next, using his very unique transportation of a winter’s snow sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer.

We can find many manifestations in modern popular culture of sexy men and women donning tightly fitting red and white Santa-like outfits. This fetish was obviously appropriated quite a while ago. However, it’s not difficult to see why many people will be attracted to a sexy man and woman in any well-fitting costume.

Real kinky father Christmas

We are talking about the real turn on’s associated with the real father Christmas or Santa Claus. Well, it’s difficult to be 100% sure as we don’t have many individuals coming forward to explain specific details along with the exacting aspects associated with our dear old Santa Claus or father Christmas and why these turn us on.

However,I can certainly hazard a guess.

Voluptuous men are known as “bears” in the gay scene. These fine specimens of the male human race are not only attractive to the same sex but have a solid appeal to ladies who seek comfort and like the men on the more robust side.

Popping in and out of your chimney

A fantasy man who can pop into your home at any time he likes without invitation. Sliding down your chimney, sneaking in your front door and maybe slipping a gift or two under your tree. Quite exhilarating!

Childhood association of, not only with the friendly, comforting sight of a well-known character, well illustrated throughout history and all over the world.
Additionally, those wonderful smells associated with Father Christmas and the Christmas period. Of, pine trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas cakes, cookies, mince pies and milk. Which other kind of smells could put your ease and make you fall onto the lap of happy Santa clause.

And finally, dominance. The thought of being dominated by a rich and powerful man who lives in a secluded home in the north of the world. He only works one night of the year and makes many people very happy. Of course, that is, unless you have been a

naughty boy or a girl. X

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