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Somnophilia Sleeping Beauty

Somnophilia – asleep on the job

Somnophilia. There’s no doubt that some men find the prospect of an inert female form, lying in bed unresponsive, to be strangely alluring.

Such a prospect would at first glance seem to be counter-intuitive to the idea of the gyrating, all-action sexual partner.

Sleeping Beauty

But it is this very unresisting response which some people, usually men, find exciting.

Check this out from the Daily Mail.

Psychotherapists posit that this is what underpins the Sleeping Beauty fantasy. This is where Prince Charming awakens the princess who has been asleep for a hundred years.

To slave Bobbie, it seems a massive difference between the warm, yielding inertia which is what a somnophile desires. And, the cold stiff inertia of the necrophile’s subject. But, each to their own.

Slave Bobbie has often fantasised about Somnophilia. Being woken from a deep slumber by his Mistress. This is, so that she could take her pleasure. But, his Mistress’s own fantasies generally are some way from him lying motionless. More to the point, she wants him twisting and writhing and groaning under the kiss of her single-tail. The exact opposite of sleepy stillness.


There is no doubt that the myth of the sleeping beauty has entered popular culture as a wholesome and innocuous folktale.

But, in the context of the modern world there is something unsettling about a man who wishes to have sexual congress with a beautiful but inert female. An act which we have been conditioned to believe must have been facilitated by deployment of a so-called date rape drug. Also, if not that, then the administration of copious amounts of alcohol.

This then, raises the inevitable questions about the ability of the sleeping beauty to grant or withhold consent for the sexual act.

Inevitably, this leads us to the case of Bill Cosby, for a discussion of which, see here.

It has been speculated that somnophilia leads on to necrophilia. You would have to be a true predator to enjoy that.

So which camp do you fall into – are you the predator that would make a move on the sleeping beauty – or are you the prey?

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