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Stockport Mistress Tilly Sue on CP (corporal punishment)

Stockport Mistress tilly sue

What Stockport Mistress to the Sue thinks about BDSM and Corporal punishment

Stockport Mistress to the Sue gives us an insight to her world of BDSM and Corporal punishment..

I would have to say that the services I get the most requests for are strap-on and CP. Both are equally popular.

Session satisfaction for me grows with each experience. The more I practise the more adept I become at the techniques used in a scene. But, each scene is different and each client is individual. So that being taken into account. Each scene is exciting as the next. No matter how long I have been doing it!

Deeper intensity from Stockport Mistress Tilly Sue

I have always been asked for a wide range of scenes. So, I think there is very little difference between the scenes I’m asked for now as opposed to when I first started out. The only differences really are with regular clients who progress to a deeper intensity within each scene; and who relish more the fine detail of the scene as we get to know each other better.

Processing the pain

As for the often talked about the seniority of some clients. I don’t think age is particularly pertinent as far as CP and resilience are concerned. More important is the amount of experience each client has and the way they process pain. A 25-year-old heavy masochist will be much more resilient than a 40-year-old who does not enjoy the sensation of pain. That being said: a pain threshold can be built up over time. However, I would put that down to experience rather than age.

Social class and kindness

People also talk about social class and kinkiness. Personally, I don’t see any correlation between social classes and any particular activity. But, that could be because I don’t adhere to the class system: that’s to say I see myself as outside of it.

Recently there have been some changes in the way I offer sessions. I relocated to a new dungeon around 2 years ago. I moved so that I could have more space for play and also that I could have a space large enough to hold public events.

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