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The Matron

The Matron - Medical retreat - Cornwall

   I am known as the Matron. To me BDSM means giving an intense sensation that does not involve sex, it’s more the mental connotations that show respect.  

This involves consent and negotiation and making sure the client/patient is sufficiently informed before engaging in any of the intimate procedures here at the clinic.

BDSM is better with honesty

I encourage total honesty from clients about their desires and boundaries.   Honesty and frankness are absolutely crucial otherwise I will not be able to fulfil my role as a practitioner.  Everyone has different desires and expectations and without honesty, the whole visit will be a disappointment.  I also will not conduct a procedure that I am unhappy about – but I hope my website states this.

So – what excites the Matron?  

I would not use the word excite, I prefer to say what makes me happy and that is a very contented and satisfied man.  That gives me immense pleasure and to escort the client/patient to their car and wave them off even if they are feeling a tad tender.

I suppose it started for me many moons ago when I wanted to be a nurse – but I was terrified of blood – so I took the route of psychiatric nursing.

I have a large range of equipment at the clinic – all of which I enjoy using, but I would say that the EROS TEC is the one that puts a smile on my face. My favourite procedure is Colonic Hydrotherapy for which I am qualified.  It is a brilliant procedure for my clients/patients to receive at the start of their treatments.  Apart from the health aspects, it is a thorough cleansing of the bowel which enables intense anal play without the embarrassment of anal leakage.  After the colonic  procedure I can sit confidently between the client/patients spread legs whilst tied to the gynaecological and know he will not be thinking “Oh god I hope I don’t mess myself and spoil a thorough anal examination and insertion of implants and often Matron’s gentle fist”.

Matron – a brilliant Mistress in Cornwall

I know that there are many brilliant mistresses whom I admire, but there is maybe one thing that I have – and that not many other mistresses offer – and that is my deluxe overnight stays at the clinic where you are accommodated in your private luxury shepherd’s hut. 

After a hard day in the clinic, you join Matron for aperitifs in front of a log fire before a delicious candlelit dinner wearing whatever you like, selected perhaps from your own rubber wardrobe or your own evening gown.   The evening is for you in a relaxed splendid home environment, where your day’s activities can be discussed, or just pure relaxation with someone you have grown to trust.  I am your therapist and confidante and from this I have developed some wonderful friendships. 

For me what epitomises a great session is when someone who is totally satisfied, exhausted and happy on departure subsequently rings and books in once again. That makes me a satisfied Matron. 

I would tell you about my new plans but sadly, I have been unable to make any going forward. At the moment I am just glad to be back in the clinic after the horrific year we have had. 

In the very beginning I started something called Stress Buster Breaks. That was in 1994. I was doing exactly what I do now but without the naughty bits.  

I employed my professional qualifications as a beauty, physical and colonic hydro therapist to offer residential  breaks and

‘one person’ stays in a delightful Cornish Cottage near the cliffs.   

I had no idea that this concept would attract so much wonderful media interest and I was described as the smallest health farm in the country. It was a very exciting time with interest from broadsheet newspapers, radio programmes and tv, but the work load was intense as I did absolutely everything from treatments, walking the Cornish cliffs and all the catering and I was exhausted until one day a male friend of mine approached me and said he could change my direction and take me into the BDSM world.

I had a phone call with the wonderful Forum magazine and within  2 months I had a stunning 6 page  article and appeared on the front cover under the strapline “Health Farm that Caters for Cross Dressers” – and off I went!

Life became so much more fun and I met many, many fabulous gents who cross-dressed and also a few of my ” straight gents ” called and booked in, delighted that they could be themselves, asking me why the hell did I not notice they were wearing ladies’ panties for the massage – but I just didn’t!!!!  

7 months later in 1997, the evil News Of The World exposed me and it was  horrific.  All my hard work, all my qualifications and all my lovely men who had taught me absolutely everything were ridiculed, and I thought that was the end of my career – but the beautiful world of BDSM carried me and here I am now still practicing albeit in a very private abode.  So there you have it and thank you to the wonderful men in the fetish world.

The Matron will not tolerate disobedience

I work extremely hard and will not tolerate disobedience. I would punish a disobedient client by simply refusing to allow him to return.

On contacting me for the first time, I would have a thorough-going telephone conversation with a client where I would try and put him at ease and encourage honesty.  The expectation is only as good as communication and I always welcome a client/patient with kindness.

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