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Tickle, tickle, tickle

Tickle torture

Who doesn't love a bit of tickle torture?

Slave bobbie used to love those pre-teen birthday parties where everybody got a bit boisterous and ‘physical’. There’s something strangely exciting about being pinned down by girls and tickled in sensitive areas. Entirely innocent of course with a definite sense of a loss of control.

Known to the medical world as titillagnia or knismolagnia – reference Dr Mark Griffiths . Why do the medics give these fun perversions such unpronounceable and unspellable names?

Slap and tickle

Some women just love this activity. Look at this article from sheknows It explains that there are ‘ticklees’ and ‘ticklers’ (abbreviated to lees and lers). I would love to tell you that it’s off the compass. However, you can find plenty of pages on Facebook, and Twitter accounts for people with this fetish.

Slave bobbie thinks it’s all to do with being tied down and helpless, while somebody else induces a physical reaction in you. Tickling the armpits or the soles of the feet.

More sinisterly, according to Wikipedia, tickle torture was used by the Chinese under the Han dynasty .

Notorious tickle case

The website Dominant Guide has a very good how-to guide pointing out possible techniques and equipment, and also refers to some of the dangers that may be encountered.

Then there is the notorious case of the documentary film ‘Tickled”. This had a well-received showing at the Sundance film festival. Young men were recruited by a network of international ‘tickle cells’ to appear in a film about tickling.

Young men being tickled

They were then filmed being held down by other young men while being tickled. Believe it or not there is a market for this type of film. But, some footage found its way on to YouTube. A number of the young men were not happy and in 2016, as a result of this, lawsuits were flying around.

So whatever your fetish, if you want to film people participating. Tell them what you’re doing and get consent.

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