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Transsexual Mistress Yasmina

Transsexual Mistress

Beautiful transsexual Mistress Yasmina in London interview

Transsexual Mistress speaks to us about her BDSM experiences.

I first decided to get into BDSM because of my first serious boyfriend. Firstly, he had very submissive tendencies and introduced me to it many years ago. It was that which enabled me to explore my dominant side. Secondly, it’s provided a platform for me to go on to become a professional mistress and fetish model.

Transsexual Mistress for 12 years

Since then I can say that I have now been a professional dominatrix for over 12 years. I spent many years as a touring. Also, I spent time travelling dominatrix in Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and Dubai. This was before coming back to my home city of London last year. Previously,  I had attended Torture Garden in the past. Although it’s actually been a while since I went to a fetish night at a club. I tend to restrict my BDSM to my dungeon these days.

No-nonsense approach

In my opinion, a good session should leave both parties fulfilled. A session is based on chemistry. Importantly, when the chemistry is right and the power exchange is complete it can be absolutely exhilarating. Especially, when you’ve got a personality like mine.

I would describe myself as assertive and direct with a no-nonsense approach. My personality is both warm and vivacious and I have a very dry wit.

Transsexual Mistress Yasmina’s dungeon

My chambers are equipped with everything from a St. Andrew’s Cross and cage. Additionally, I have a spanking bench, electrics, toys in all shapes and sizes.  This is in addition to an assortment of spanking implements such as canes and crops.

I also have a playroom/boudoir for fetishes or domestic Dom sessions and roleplays.

Latex is a particular fetish of mine. I love the feeling of it. I love the way it clings to my body. And, of course, the sexy yet powerful look it gives the wearer. So, my favourite session outfit is a latex bodysuit with thigh-high boots.

A petite transsexual mistress

I am a petite lady. I stand at 5 feet 3 inches. But, I have always had a thing for the highest of high heels and I usually wear 6-inch heels as routine. Anyone who has ever seen me in stockinged feet is usually surprised at how petite I am.

If you wish to visit me then know that I am completely turned off by rudeness and bad manners. But by the same token, I find politeness a wonderful turn-on. An open mind is also a great turn-on for me.

Try hard to please her

Having complete control over a slave is a marvellous sensation. Not only do I feel powerful when I have complete control over my subs. Also, it also gives me the rush to see my slaves giving themselves over to me completely. When complete control has been established it is palpable. There simply is nothing better than seeing my slaves trying hard to please me.

The initial visit is most important for setting expectations. On the first visit to me, a slave can expect an intimate mistress. Furthermore, she is is keen to push buttons and test limits. I would expect a potential slave on a first meeting to be open and honest about their previous experience and desires so as to allow me to obtain an understanding of their desires and limits.

Twisted mind

Slaves who visit me should be aware that my mind is a very twisted thing and I can punish my slaves in all manner of sadistic ways – not only physical but also mental – whether it be by teasing them or by painful, physical torture. My subs are very aware that disobedience is never in their best interests and will be met by the most merciless of punishments.

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