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Vampirism a love for blood. Would you like to be a donor?

Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula introduced vampires to a wider reading public. In the modern era, we had the tv series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the Twilight saga.

Many commentators have asserted that vampirism in fiction is a surrogate for BDSM and remember that Twilight itself begat Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Blood fetish

Wikipedia details 4 different types of vampires.

Psychic vampires, blood donors, blood fetishists and vampire role-players.

Donors and fetishists are clearly 2 sides of the same gory coin.

Donors are considered to be subservient to vampires who drink their blood (naturally).

Let’s cut straight to the chase; if you’re into vampirism are you a donor or a fetishist (also known as a vampire) ?

Imagine the your teeth sinking into a victim’s unprotected flesh. First a gentle nip, then deeper …. and deeper. Then she or he yelps with pain….but you keep going…the jaw pressure tightens, the yelp becomes a scream – or it would if your victim weren’t gagged.. the blood flows…

You can taste it. You lick and swallow. Tastes nice doesn’t it?

Hmmmm…you want seconds…a deeper bite. STOP!

Slap yourself round the face or something . Take Back Control. Or whatever the current slogan is.

This is the cult of vampirism. It would appear that more people want to be fetishists (those who draw blood) than donors. For practitioners this creates a problematic imbalance in the wider roleplay scene. How to find donors? And of course this fetish overlaps with many others.

Bloody hell

Finding a Mistress who engages in blood-play or vampirism is difficult. Most announce on their websites that it is explicitly excluded.

One who doesn’t is Mistress Bettie Bondage who sessions in Los Angeles, USA.

Or find someone like Minx, who confessed to website Refinery29 that she learned to carry out blood-play by practising on tomatoes.

Salad will never seem the same again.

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