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Voraphilia eat or eating a person

Voraphilia , also known as Vorarephilia. Eat or be eaten

Voraphilia. That could be the sound of a turkey voting for Christmas. Because that is what voraphiles crave being swallowed.

Obviously, this is a form of masochism. You don’t have to be Professor Freud to make the link between the envelope of maternal warmth. And, the sensation of pleasure it brings to a voraphile. Dr Mark Griffiths has this.

Pathological variations

Unfortunately, from a humanistic point of view voraphilia is one of those fetishes! It certainly has many pathological variations. This extends from being wrapped in the maternal blanket. All the way to watching animals consume each other. In addition, it reaches to those dark parts of the internet where cannibals (or predators shortened to ‘preds’) seek out their victims or prey.

Voraphilia volunteering to be pray

It may not surprise you to know that there are individuals of both genders. Both, who use the internet to seek to role-play in the hope of volunteering to be prey.

I referred earlier to turkeys voting for Christmas. What about the documented case of the ‘turkey man’?

This was a man who stayed over in hotels as part of his job. He then hired a dominatrix to a session where he would impersonate a turkey being cooked. She then went on to described the cooking process.

Ravenous giant vagina

Voraphilia can also be taken in a different direction: where an individual wants to be swallowed by a giant vagina, i.e. ‘unbirthed’.

Not surprisingly, many who hanker after this kind of fetish report an interest in other BDSM fetishes at the same time.

It’s perhaps inevitable that in any fantasy of being consumed that the ‘pred’ is imagined as having huge body parts. Particularly, internal organs which would be needed to ingest the ‘prey’. Hence, the connection to macrophilia

Although they involve being consumed; it should be noted that most of these fantasies do not involve the act of dying.

 If you need some graphic stimulus about what I’m talking about, try website DeviantArt. It has these images.

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