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Whipping fetish

whipping fetish

An obsession with whipping historical BDSM

Thomas Laqueur, the great American Sexologist, refers to a book published in 1700 by a French clergyman, the abbé Jacques Boileau. The book had a Latin title, ‘Historia Flagellantium’.

It contained the story of 16th-century priest who use to whip young females with knotted cords. Subsequently,  carried on with a more gentle punishment that he visited on their naked buttocks and thighs.

Boileau acknowledges that the priest derived sexual pleasure from this but then further asserts that among the clergy. This was the rule rather than the exception.

Scourging the body had been part of religious life since the middle ages. The flagellants as they were called. Driving themselves to ecstasy as they whipped themselves, often in public.

19th-century whipping fetish

Most commentators accept that after the publication of this book: flagellation became a sexual experience rather than a exercise in spirituality.

For his efforts: Boileau found himself on the Vatican’s Index of Prohibited Books, such was the sensitivity of this issue.

19th century pornography became obsessed with flagellation. It featured in most Victorian pornography. Because for the most part this material was only available to men of the wealthier classes. Furthermore, it became associated with the pleasures of the rich or indeed very rich. It being most unusual to find participants who came from a trade or working-class background. Medical science tells us they must have existed. The published stories usually feature men with names such as ‘Lord ——‘ or ‘Sir ——-‘ or titles indicating professional status.

Portraying the whipping fetish

Contemporary pornographic prints portray whip-wielding dominatrices working in their underclothes. This was from well-organised and thoroughly professional brothels catering purely for this particular activity. Of course, we must not forget the efforts of Mrs Berkley. According to Wikipedia she designed an apparatus – or it was designed for her – that was adjustable – partly like an A-frame, partly like an artist’s easel. This is so that a man could be secured and serviced from under the ‘A’, while Mrs Berkley whipped his arse from the other side. Double-domme, 1828-style.

Satisfying slave Bobby’s bottom

So when slave Bobbie visits his Mistress to satify his whipping fetish  he bears this in mind. As he is strapped tightly to her leather-covered whipping bench, he remembers that he is just the latest in a long line of flagellants. Additionally, he has much to thank the Mother Church for. His wrists are tied – his twitching thighs roped to the bench – so as to be unable to move a millimetre. His 

picks up her dressage whip, and gives him a couple of quick, light taps on his straining buttocks.

Eat that towel!

He takes a good mouthful of towel. Which, she has thoughtfully allowed him and then the scourging starts. Ten strokes at a time. At first the pain is indescribable. There is nothing to do but bury his face into the bench.

But it soon becomes clear that she is enjoying herself – he can see her in the full-length mirror. There is a swish as her right arm swings and then he feels the tail of the whip on his buttock. The endorphins start to flow – he ascends to a higher plane. Ecstasy is within reach – and at that moment she touches him – and he sees the light.

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