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Mistress Eve of Earls Court

Mistress Eve is an infamous and well-known mistress in London. A professional dominatrix, in my opinion. She provides a wide range of BDSM services. I caught up with Mistress Evev earlier this week to ask a few questions that I have been dying to know about her. One of the first answers to the question […]

Double Dom, Forced- bi with Mistress Gia and Master Steve

Double Dom and forced bi sessions with Mistress Gia and Master Steve. I’ve always provided Forced Bi sessions, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided to advertise after finding the ideal candidate to work alongside me. It was a real surprise for Me, when Master Steve, one of the other martial arts instructors at my […]

Erotic, colonic hydrotherapy By the matron, Cornwall

Erotic BDSM colonic hydrotherapy is the speciality of The matron, professional dominatrix, Cornwall Mistress. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this very specific BDSM service which the matron of Cornwall offers. What is erotic colonic hydrotherapy? Colonic hydrotherapy treatment is performed to cleanse not just the rectum ( which enemas do […]