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Mistress May Thorn of Bristol and Swindon


I am Mistress May Thorn. I see BDSM as a cornucopia of delightfully wicked tools and strategies that aid Me in accomplishing My goals and gratifying My desires.

Making Mistress happy

I am happiest when I am realising my dreams. I enjoy the company of people who hold the same values as me, people who have ample resources and are generous with them.

I like authenticity, good communication, attention to detail, humour that is Intelligent. A shared understanding and love of the Femdom dynamic.

Oh, and hearing that little whimper that lets Me know you’re really struggling …but still trying hard for Me. 

Mistress May Thorn is experienced, capable, confident, warm and approachable, but very strict in play. I know what I want, and I know how I want it. 

Leather lace and PVC

I love variety and have many favourite outfits, depending on my mood which is variable. I dress how I feel, or how I want to feel. My favourite is whatever suits my mood that day…and the weather of course plays a role in this. For example, I absolutely love My leather…but not in the heat of summer! Leather…and lace… I love contrast. I also have a soft spot for PVC…..the shininess! And of course thigh boots – oh yes !. They are often in the equation even in normal attire.

I never compare myself to other Mistresses. As the Bard nearly says: ”Comparisons are odious”.

To do so lacks grace. We are all unique.

I have been told by some of My submissives (the ones who are serious about their training and skilled in their submission) that they have been particularly struck by how much enjoyment and pleasure I obviously get while in session. There is no doubt that I love what I do.

 Mistress May and Thorn is back

A great session is one that involves a willing and delicious test of endurance, combined with intense, controlled, sexual excitement. I would expect a moderate amount of sweating, a little dribbling, some soft whimpers, and lots of eye contact. It concludes with genuine gratitude and appreciation.. and a big, big smile.   Success !

Currently I am busy working on My relaunch, which is already underway thanks to the wonderful Mistress Elite. For various reasons I’ve been out of circulation for the last few years, but now I’m back with renewed enthusiasm.

I am busy generating new images and new features on various platforms with which to interact with My slaves, submissives and followers.

House de Croix

Also new is that I will be holding My sessions and other events at two new venues. The Velvet Rope in Swindon, and House Du Croix in Bristol. 

If you wish to get to know Me, you should understand that certain behaviours are unacceptable. I include over-familiarity without invitation, Ignorance and bad manners, surliness, neediness, brattiness, not paying attention. And poor personal hygiene. 

Mistress and May Thorn will not tolerate

I won’t tolerate disobedience. If a slave disobeys me, I punish him by refusing his favourite play and, depending on the severity of the disobedience, requiring that he suffers something he hates till I am satisfied the lesson has been learned. A favourite deterrent of Mine is a Celice, made by Spanish nuns. Very effective.

On their first visit, A novice can expect to be safely guided through an exploration of some of the basics, a mixture of things they might like to try and things that I feel they would respond well to in terms of My own agenda.

Slaves first encounter

For experienced slaves and subs having a first encounter with Me, they must expect to experience a great deal of scrutiny as I test them for the responses I seek. One thing that all slaves can expect when they leave My company is… a desire to return for more.

Visit my website and request a booking

Now you’ve read all about me you must be wondering how to get in contact with me. Well, fear not you can visit my website. On which, I have a booking page where you can pop in your details and request to see me.

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